The idea

 The idea was born by a young local ceramist that he got involved the most esteemed ceramists in the territory and the touristic operators, which represent the summer tourism and the beach resorts. The underwater Christmas Nativity represents the fusion between the local ceramic traditions and the main form of tourism which characterize the territory. Two essential elements for the Albisole, which join up in an impressive, original and unique way. Nationally there are some examples of underwater statues and the most best-known are the “Jesus Christ of the Abyss” in Portofino (GE), and also the “Jesus Christ” in Gallinara Island (SV). The immersion of groups of statues is only presented in Lake Maggiore, in Italy, where during the Christmas time, it is immersed a little Christmas Nativity, composed by ten statues, a few metres from the coast and it is taken away after the Epiphany. In the international review only in Cancoon, in Mexico, 500 statues are immersed in the bay. In the Ligurian contest, the underwater Christmas Nativity of Albisole is an ideal sightseeing tour from Albenga to Portofino for the people, who are interested in dipping and snorkeling. It could interest also culture, religion, nature like the nature reserve of Bergeggi's Island and the Haven's relict, the biggest in the Mediterranean sea ones.

The project

What they say about us

  • The Abyss Christmas Nativity will became an original and fascinating attraction for the tourists. 

    Luca Ottonello, Assessore al Turismo del Comune di Albisola Superiore

  •     The project to immerse artworks into the sea bottom, it's a beautiful intuition.   

    Assessore Arch. Nicoletta Negro – Comune di Albissola Marina

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